Frankincense, more than an indoor fragrance

Incense has been used since the dawn of time by Egyptian, Indian and other civilizations not only for its pleasant and soothing smell, but also for its different virtues. These natural resins contain essential oils, origin of their scent. Under the action of heat, the particles of these essential oils are diffused in the atmosphere and act directly on the body. Their antimicrobial, relaxing and soothing assets affect the regulation of hormones and the neurovegetative system. The fumigation of these oleoresins tends to become universal, and several brands offer their goods. Yet, to ensure their beneficial effect, the choice of a quality mark is de rigueur, like those listed below. Most of the world's incense is available: Indian incense, Japanese incense, Tibetan ...

Brandsauthentic and varied scents for all tastes

From the famous incense nag champa signed Satya Sai Baba to the various oleoresins made by other brands, everything is available. Note that incense nag champa is one of the most famous on the market. In addition to the products of Satya Sai Baba, other Indian manufacturing incense such as Krishan, Vedic Aromatika, and HEM are similarly These brands offer a variety of scents, ranging from sandalwood to patchouli to musk and different sizes: sticks and cones, and even granular incense.

Incense, how to use it?

Burning incense to spread the smell across the room is obviously the goal. The ignition must be well done to ensure its effectiveness. The use of an incense burner, like the models proposed here, facilitates fumigation with rod oleoresins. The incense holderis essential to avoid the risk of incidents and accidents that may be caused by ignition. Non-core stick models should be placed in a censer filled with rice, sand or ashes. Otherwise, this censer can be replaced by a cup or bowl. The incense in grains or powder is placed directly on a burner. Failing that, charcoal bricks can do the trick. However, care must be taken to maintain safety. If in doubt, contact customer service, or see the sections FAQ.

The benefits of incense

Frankincense is not just a sanitizer, an air purifier or a room scent. On the physical plane, odors act on the body in two ways: through the brain and through their passage in the blood. Inin all cases, with regard to oleoresins, they have a positive and beneficial effect on the body. They transform brain waves and provoke positive emotions. Their effect changes according to the essential oils that compose them. As for example, the suppression of anger, and relaxation are the effects of the masala incense nag champa. Other effects such as the mitigation of evil spirits, the fight against depression or aphrodisiac effects are also attributed to him. There is also anti-mosquito incense with lemongrass.

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