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    Pipe and bang 

    Bang and cheap water pipe

    Discover our complete range of bongs and water pipes for smoking tobacco.

    Acrylic or glass plastic, small or large, there is something for all tastes

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    • 2,95 € tax incl.

      Bag of 100 conical shaped pipe cleaning brushes A must have for pipe smokers

    • 4,99 € tax incl.
      Out of stock

      Glass pipe with double pipe Fireplace with removable grill, easy to clean Length: 15cm, 2 colors to choose

    • 6,50 € tax incl.

      Box of 40 filters for White Elephant pipe 9mm Specially developed to retain tar and nitocite in pipe tobacco Compatible with pipes with a 9mm bore

    • 4,90 € tax incl.
      Out of stock

      Metal pipe in the shape of a skull Fireplace in the shape of a skull, has a removable grid Length 8,5cm, 2 colors to choose

    Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items