Kitchen utensils 

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    Stone ceramic cooking stove with coating . Mark Vitrinor for induction, gas, electric and ceramic < /.strong >. 3 sizes to choose: 24cm, 26cm and 28cm in diameter.  Made in the Spanish basque country.p >

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    THEEcopad is a reusable pods for Senseo allows you to do it yourself your pods!  This rechargeable coffee pad is environmentally friendly and can be used with all kinds of coffee.  Compatible with all Senseo classic machines

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    Chisel knife 2 in 1 for cooking with extreme rapidity.facilities >.  Seen on TV, this utensil will become almost indispensable in your kitchen.  Warranty 2 years

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    Lot of 2 sprays sprayers with lemon juice.facilities >. Ideal for seasoning dishes or cocktails, these small sprayers will adapt to all citrus (lemon, orange, grapefruit, Tangerine,...) The lot consists of a small spray for small citrus and a larger spray for bigger.

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    Thermos stainless 18.8 anodized red with a capacity of 0.35 L.  The stainless steel thermos is ideal to keep warm and take your coffee or tea with you for 8 hours. The thermos can also keep cool drinks for about 12 hours. Material steel stainless, unbreakable and 100% airtight! Dimensions: 20cm x 7cm

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    Very convenient to fire up the grill, the bellows with crank.  Need more vosu shout to with good coals, with the barbecue hand crank blowing your coals will become red in no time!  Dimensions: 26cm x 7cm

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    Cut the apples in neighborhood in seconds with the pitter of Apple!  This Apple pro Cup will facilitate the daily life, to the taste of your children or your receptions do not hesitate to serve to your guests of good fruit cut for aesthetic dessert.

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    lot of 3 cups for precision electronic scale. diameter of the cups (3, 5 cm; 4.5 cm & 6 cm)

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    Ice silicone mold. Finished the ice bin difficult to remove from pan, thanks to the ice silicone mold make ice becomes child's play!  Promotion until stocks are exhausted

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    Lighters Woodson Firestarter for barbecue, the fireplace or Campfire! Without chemicals or smoke toxic.

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    Birthday candles numbers consisting of 0 to 9. Dress up your birthday cake using the age with the candles.  Each birthday candle is white with a red border.  Size: 7cm x 4cm

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    Torchlighter to make cream them burned. Model Torch XS-0901. Lighter cooking with classic flame or flame torch up to 1500 ° c. Refillable gas lighter classic.  Dimensions: 120 x 60mm

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    Bench scale with a precision of 0.01 g to 500 g. Ideal for weighing all sorts of objects. Tray 10cm x 10cm

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    Grid cage for barbecue.  Ideal for cooking, return all your grill in one step. Grid size: 36cm x 22cm x 2cm

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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items