Manual tubing 

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Manual, pocket or table-top cigarette machine for making cigarettes yourself.

inexpensive tubular for maximum economy or tubular table for optimal comfort

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  • 18,90 € tax incl.

    King Size Slim cone filling device Fill easily and in one go, 1, 2, 3 or 6 cones!

  • 9,90 € tax incl.

    Banko brand 3 cigarettes tubeuse This tubing machine allows cigarettes to be tubed by 3 Compatible with all brands of tubes (except slim)

  • 5,90 € tax incl.
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    Tubeuse double pour tuber 2 times faster your cigarettes 2 cigarettes cigarette machine is compatible with all brands of tubes (except slim)

  • 29,90 € tax incl.

    Tubez cigarettes effortlessly with the Excel Deluxe table tubing.  Equipped with a crank this Excel table tubing will allow you to make cigarettes in seconds, without force and with a childlike simplicity! Compatible with all brands of tubes (except Slim Korona and 100 s Zen)

  • 6,90 € tax incl.

    Gizeh Silver Tip Boy Plus Cigarette Tubing Machine A smalltuber machine which allows to make the tubes with standard filters and Extra filters German manufacture

  • 3,90 € tax incl.
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    Sparrow Piratube Cigarette Crushing Machine Robust and very easy to use The Sparrow cigarette tubing is compatible with all brands of tubes (except slim)

  • 4,90 € tax incl.

    Rollo cigarette tubing for Micro Slim tubes This tuber machine is used to inject tobacco into micro slim cigarette tubes Compatible only with Micro Slim tubes

  • 49,90 € tax incl.

    OCB Mikromatic table-top machine for tubing cigarettes. Compatible with all brands of cigarette tubes (except slim and 100s) To be used with tuber tobacco./ P>

  • 6,50 € tax incl.

    Cigarette smoking machine OCB./ P> This OCB manual tubing is ideal for filling your cigarette tubes. TheOCB tubeuseis 1 year warranty.

  • 6,90 € tax incl.

    Rizla cigarette tube to make cigarettes. ThisRizla tuber machine is compatible with all brands of tubes (except slim tubes) Thetubular Rizlais 1 year warranty

  • 4,90 € tax incl.

    Sloow Compatible with all brands of tubes, except slim

  • 3,90 € tax incl.

    Sloow tubeuse to make cigarettes Manual tubing machine, compatible with all brands of cigarette tubes (except slim)

  • 39,00 € tax incl.

    The table tubing Laramie Shoot O Matic est idéal pour la maison, confortable et facile à prendre en main, elle permet de tuber les cigarettes avec des tubes classiques et même avec des tubes 100s pour faire des cigarettes plus longues. C'est d'ailleur la seule machine capable de tuber les cigarettes normal ainsi que les 100mm !

  • 6,90 € tax incl.

    Champ brand triple cigarette tubing./ P> Make your cigarettes 3x faster than with a simple tubing!/ P> Easy to use and practical by its small size this cigarette tube will save you valuable time ..

  • 34,90 € tax incl.

    OCB Easy Slide tuber to fill classic and extra tubes. Easy-to-use desktop tubing machine.

  • 1,75 € tax incl.

    1st price cigarette tube. No brand written on it for a lower price.Compatible with all tubes (except slim and 100s)

  • 7,90 € tax incl.
    Out of stock

    Cigarette tubing with compartment for storing up to 25 tubes or even storing your tobacco. This Champ cigarette machine is compatible with all tube brands. Size: 12cm x 11cm x 3cm

  • 4,90 € tax incl.

    Tubeuse for slim and ultra slim cigarettes by Matteo. Compatible with Piratube slim tubes, Rollo ultra slim tubes and Matteo ultra slim tubes.

  • 9,90 € tax incl.

    Manual tuber machine for classic cigarette tubes and 100s. Switch from one size to another thanks to the small wheel. Compatible with 100mm and classic tubes.

  • 1,90 € tax incl.

    Tubing a cigarette de marque Champ. Cette machine a tuber vous sera tres utilite pour confectionner vos cigarettes sans vous ruiner. Compatible avec tous les tubes à cigarette. Plusieurs couleurs disponibles.  Sold with display stand from 18 tubeuses

  • 6,90 € tax incl.

    84 / 100mm cigarette tubing machine Compatible with standard tubes (84mm) and 100s tubes 4 colors to choose from

  • 12,50 € tax incl.

    The Giza Silver Tip Duo tubing and adjustable for tuber standard tubes and tubes Extra (25mm filters) Compatible with all brands of cigarette, except sizes slim tubes and 100 s.

  • 12,90 € tax incl.

    Tubing in RAW cone for Tuber kingsize cones. The ideal to ride like a pro rolling!

  • 4,90 € tax incl.

    Tubing for cigarette brand Slim Korona. Exclusive new machines tuber Slim cigarettes.  Compatible with cigarette Slim Korona tubes This tubing is not compatible with the standard tubes

  • 6,90 € tax incl.
    Out of stock

    Tubule for slim cigarette Laramie 30% less tobacco in each cigarette Compatible only with slim tubes

  • 69,90 € tax incl.

    Zorr Powermatic brand cigarette smoking machine 1The Powermatic 1 tubing is one of the most reliable machines in the worldCompatible with all cigarette tubes (except slim)

  • 19,90 € tax incl.

    Zorr Powermatic Mini manual tubing. One of the best tubing machines in the pocket size. Easy to carry and very robust. Compatible with all brands of tubes (except slim and 100s)

Showing 1 - 27 of 27 items