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The tobacco market is starting to run out of steam in recent years, and government policies to lower consumption are beginning to bear fruit. To find alternatives, many solutions are being developed to meet both a will of consumers to stop their cigarette consumption but also a strong wish on their part to resume their health in hand. The major solution that stands out today as the best alternative to the conventional cigarette is the electronic cigarette. Still, find a company that can offer the best products at the best price ... Come and discover the space dedicated to electronic cigarette on Spi-discount.net, the specialist of the electronic cigarette on the Internet! E-cigarette refill, refill for electronic cigarette, rechargeable electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette kit, e-liquid and many more products are waiting for you, at the best price!

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Whatever your current consumption in terms of e-cigarette, whether you are already used to it or want to start and tame this new instrument that is still unknown to you, Spi-discount.net is at your disposal for you offer the best products and all the associated advice. A range of rechargeable electronic cigarette among the largest currently available on the Internet, a recharge offer for electronic cigarette recognized as one of the largest currently available ... our site has a lot of things to discover, both in terms of recharge and -cigarette with tastes always more surprising, than in terms of electronic cigarette kit very simple to use. Nicotine or no nicotine, strawberry, mint or taste tobacco, test them e-liquid and create your custom mix. So, to take advantage of the best things that can be done today in the e-cigarette market, do not wait a single second longer for a look at our site, the site of the real specialist in e-cigarettes and all dedicated accessories, present on the Internet for many years now. Need answers to your questions? If you still have some questions or questions, about the products offered on the site Spi-discount.net, do not wait a minute more to contact one of our advisors who will be happy to inform you and orient you towards the most adapted product in order to satisfy you fully.

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  • 3,90 € tax incl.

    USB Charger for Electronic Cigarette Battery eGo-T, eGo-C, eGo-w, 510, ... Allows charging 650mAh battery up to 1100mAh. Also compatible with the 510.

  • 1,95 € tax incl. 3,90 €
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    E - Liquid TTZiG for electronic cigarette, electronic chicha or electronic cigar tobacco flavours. Several tastes of tobacco with or without nicotine. More information below. You will also find the following links on our tastes fruit or taste drinks The TTZiG mark is of very high quality, it includes all the technology and the German master! 

  • 1,56 € tax incl. 3,90 €
    Product available with different options

    E-liquid TTZiG for electronic cigarette, electronic chicha or electronic cigar. Brand 100% high quality German. Several flavors of tastes fruit and plants, available with or without nicotine. More information below. You will also find the following links on our taste drinks or tastes of tobacco 

  • 69,90 € tax incl.

    Electronic shisha E-Hookah. The whole sensation of a nargile session without the stress of coal and tars. The hookah has a location for 2 cartridges of liquid vaping, possibility of mixing 2 different cartridges. Compatible with Vape-Hose, E-Hose and Aanoxx. 2 cartridges = 500 big puffs Comes with 2 cartridges (blueberry and cherry), charger and tips./ P>

  • 1,56 € tax incl. 3,90 €

    E - Liquid TTZiG to recharge electronic cigarette, making German of very high quality for your e-cigarette, electronic chicha or electronic cigar. Several perfumes taste drinks available with or without nicotine. More information below. You will also find the following links on our tastes fruit or tastes of tobacco 

  • 49,90 € tax incl.

    Present iStick V9 Electronic Cigarette combining elegance, discretion, power and autonomy. A kit with a 75W power and temperature control , the perfect everyday companion! Equipped with a top-fill clearomizer, accepts many resistors (Triton / EC Head / cCELL) Supplied with battery 18650 2200mAh 3.7V

  • 4,90 € tax incl.

    Car charger cigarette lighter usb.Do not run out of battery, recharge your electronic cigarette directly on the cigarette lighter of your car./ P>

  • 24,90 € tax incl.
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    Goose Juice, the eliquide custard flavor par excellence! Recognized as the best custard for electronic cigarette 60ml flask with 0mg of nicotine Made in USA

  • 13,90 € tax incl.

    External batteryPower Bank 6000mAhwith 2 USB sockets. Recharge your electronic devices such as SmartPhones, e-cigarettes, MP3 players as well as all USB charging devices./ P> With thisPower Bankyou have the possibility to reload 2 devices at the same time thanks to its double USB.

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