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  • 9,95 € tax incl. 19,90 €

    Cigarette electronic eGo - T ce4, rechargeable e-cigarette, with or without nicotine. The top of the electronic cigarette, the most sold in the world! EGo - T with clearomiseur ce4 650mAh battery. More detail below.

  • 3,90 € tax incl.

    USB charger for battery cigarette electronic eGo - T, eGo - C, eGo - w, 510,... To recharge the battery 650mAh up to 1100mAh. Also compatible with 510.

  • 4,90 € tax incl.

    Plug 220V for electronic cigarette charger. Allows you to connect your usb to outlet 220V charger. Compatible with eGo - T, eGo - C, eGo - W, eGo-510,...

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    E-liquid Max 100% European, for the vapoteurs of electronic cigarettes you will find a wide range of tobacco flavors, fruit or gourmet flavors. The e liquid max is made in Europe with food flavors, vegetable Glycerin, propylene glycol and nicotine European. 

  • 3,90 € tax incl.

    E - Liquid TTZiG for electronic cigarette, electronic chicha or electronic cigar tobacco flavours. Several tastes of tobacco with or without nicotine. More information below. You will also find the following links on our tastes fruit or taste drinks The TTZiG mark is of very high quality, it includes all the technology and the German master! 

  • 15,90 € tax incl.

    E-cigarette eGo - T with clearomizer ec4. 650mAh, clearomizer 1.6 ml tank battery. Several colors to choose from. Comes with USB charger

  • 3,90 € tax incl.

    Clearomizer of spare for electronic cigarette eGo, clearomizer includes the atomizer + tank. Also called Stardust it is compatible with all eGo - t, eGo - c, eGo 510 batteries,...

  • 3,90 € tax incl.

    E-liquid TTZiG for electronic cigarette, electronic chicha or electronic cigar. Brand 100% high quality German. Several flavors of tastes fruit and plants, available with or without nicotine. More information below. You will also find the following links on our taste drinks or tastes of tobacco 

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    Chicha electronic E-Hookah.  The sensation a session of hookah without the constraint of coal and tar. The hookah has a location for 2 cartridges of liquid to vaping, ability to mix 2 different cartridges. Vape-Hose, Hose-E and Aanoxx-compatible.  2 cartridges = 500 paffenbergs Comes with 2 cartridges (Blueberry and cherry), charger and end caps.../ span >

  • 3,90 € tax incl.

    E - Liquid TTZiG to recharge electronic cigarette, making German of very high quality for your e-cigarette, electronic chicha or electronic cigar. Several perfumes taste drinks available with or without nicotine. More information below. You will also find the following links on our tastes fruit or tastes of tobacco 

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    Clearomizer Vivi Nova 2ml to 4 strands. Also called Stardust, this tank + Nuke is compatible with batteries eGo - t, k - eGo, eGo - q, eGo - w, eGo 510-T , ...

  • 12,90 € tax incl.

    Replacement battery for e-cigarette. Model eGo - t 650 mAh. < /span > Battery backup or spare, compatible with all the ce4 clearomizer, ce5, ce2,...

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    E-liquid Alfaliquidthe most recognized French brand and sold in France. Alfaliquid is made in the Department of Moselle and respect all the standards in force. The composition of flavours is of 80pg 20vg. The < stRong >e-liquid Alfaliquid There are 5 levels of nicotine (0, 6, 11, 16 and 19, 6 mg). 

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    Electronic cigarette Silver IGC E-BOX30 Variable voltage from 5 to 30w controllable with the LCD and buttons Supplied with clearomiser 2ml

  • 2,90 € tax incl.

    5 empty tanks for 510 e-cigarette Slim Tank

  • 3,50 € tax incl.

    Recharge your electronic chicha with the universal cartridge for StarBuzz, E-Hose and E-hookah.  Several available for a vapor thick and velvety taste! < /.p > This charging for electronic hookah contains no nicotine. Compatible with all electronic hookah to cartridge. < /p >

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    Battery. Charger external 3600mAh with USB output for charging mobile phones, tablets or even electronic cigarettes!  This called USB charger PowerBank will allow you to recharge about once and a half and in all circumstances phones Apple notebooks, Samsung, e-cigarette, Drone, MP3 player...  Comes with USB cable

  • 4,90 € tax incl.

    Car charger cigarette lighter usb. More run out of battery, recharge your electronic cigarette directly on her cigarette lighter of your car.../ span >

  • 14,90 € tax incl.

    External battery Power Bank 5600mAh with led lamp.  This external battery allows you to recharge mobile phones, tablets, electronic cigarettes and all other devices charging on USB port. The Power Bank 5600mAh may charge up to 2.5 times your SmartPhone, this power source is very convenient and can be taken everywhere with you.

  • 11,83 € tax incl. 16,90 €

    External battery Power Bank 6000mAh with 2 taken USB. Recharge your electronic devices like SmartPhones, e-cigarettes, MP3 players and all recharged on USB devices. With this Power Bank you have the possibility to recharge.span style = "text - company;" >2 devices at the same time./ span > Thanks to its double USB. 

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