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In order for your electric cigarette machine to work properly, it is very important to maintain it regularly. Discover the important actions to make so that your machine can last as long as possible. In case of serious problem, do not worry, this article gives you simple tips to troubleshoot your electric tubing.

How to use an electric cigarette tube?

Generally, an electric tubing works properly under a voltage of 220 V. The engagement of the machine is automated, except for the addition of tobacco in the tank. During this step, you will take care not to overload the latter, because the tubeuse will have difficulties to roll your cigarettes correctly. You will also naturally introduce tobacco, that is without pushing with your finger or other objects. It may even be that the tobacco inside the tank is not moving. So think about airing the content for better results. You can subtract a little, but you must stop the machine. You will also be careful not to touch the spiral during extraction. When you do not notice an anomaly, the first cigarette will be ready. Sometimes, the latter is slow to go out. Do notDo not worry, when you use it for the first time, the metal tube holder is not filled yet.


How to maintain an electric tubing?/ Span>

After each use, your electric cigarette tube must be cleaned before storage. To do this, before you unplug the machine, you will let it spin so that the tobacco remains in the tube come out. Then you can remove the plug without pulling the cord. It is still recommended to manually remove these surpluses. This will facilitate the insertion of the next productions. In addition, you will have visibility inside the tubeuse. At the same time, you can clean the space under the spring and debris stuck in the rod. Normally, these must be clean before next use. You must not, under any circumstances, intervene on the tubing when it is running. In addition, any contact with water or the penetration of foreign bodies into the machine cause irremediable problems. When the machine can not function properly, two cases can be a source of blockage. It may be that the spring is stuck or that a volume of tobacco comes to interfere with the engine. In these cases, you have to dismantle theChina to reach the impurities and remove them. However, when you put the metal tube holder back in place, the beveled rod should be down.

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    Electrical Tubing Gerui V2 pour tuber les cigarettes facilement et rapidement. Cette machine à tuber électrique vous permettra de confectionner vos cigarettes sans le moindre effort ! Electrical Tubing Gerui is ideal for small budgets with its very good value for money.

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    Field electric tubing machine for making cigarettes. Tubering cigarettes is child's play! The Champ electric tubing is compatible with all brands of cigarette tubes.

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    Champ One electric tubing, intermediate model of the Champ brand. Make cigarettes in a flash with this electric tuber machine. Has a setting on the side for the density of the tobacco. Compatible with all cigarette tubes (except slim)

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    Field Next Electric Cigarette Tubing Machine, Cigarette Making Machine. Tub your cigarettes in no time with the Champ electric rolling machine. Adjust the density of the tobacco (tamping) with the wheel located on the side of the device. The Champ Next electric cigarette machine is compatible with all brands of cigarette tubes.

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    Electrical Tubing Art and swirls, simplify your life through this machine to tuber cigarettes. Place your tobacco then your tube and press start! Reduce your spending of tobacco with machines for making cigarettes. More information below.

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    Electric tuber machine Art & Volutes Touch. The Art & Volutes Touch electric tubing is ideal for cutting cigarettes cheaply. This cigarette machine can be done with ease!

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    Check out the new Electrical Tubing Art & Volutes Deluxe. The first model of machine tuber cigarettes equipped with a shredder to tobacco for optimal filling cigarette tubes!  An innovation available only on the tubing electrical Art and Volutes Deluxe

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    Electrical Tubing Venkatesha to achieve your cigarettes without effort! The machine tuber Venkatesha is easy to use, robust and cheap. It allows to realize your cigarettes easily beautiful savings compared to cigarettes purchased from the tobacconist.  Electrical Tubing Venkatesha features a novelty, a knob to adjust the power of the engine!

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    Adaptable tank for electric tubing OCB Poweroll 2 The essential accessory for the OCB Poweroll 2 cigarette turret machine Made in France

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    Discover the new 2016 at OCB, the OCB Poweroll 2 electric tubing!  This new machine to tuber electric to futuristic design incorporates the features of its predecessor with a little more, the < stroNG >possibility of tuber 100 cigarettes s (100mm). Compatible with all brands of cigarette, except size slim tubes...p > Warranty 2 years

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    Simplify your life with the electrical tubing of click Megamatic and his big tobacco tank!  Finished the filling of your machine to each cigarette, with the machine to tuber Megamatic you have to empty your pot of tobacco to tuber your cigarettes.  Tuber Megamatic is compatible with all brands of cigarette tubes

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    Spare parts for electrical tubing Art & swirls

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    Electrical Tubing Venkatesha Powermatic II This machine tuber cigarettes you simplify life and you will save much time. Carlito up to 20 cigarettes in less than 5 minutes! The high end of the tubeuses electric to make cigarettes. 

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    Electric tubing DCLiC Minimatic for tuber slim tubes...p > Injection of tobacco by piston, up to 20 cigarettes in 5 minutes...p > Compatible only with the Korona or Laramie slim tubes

  • 99,90 € tax incl.

    Electrical Tubing Venkatesha Powermatic II This machine tuber cigarettes you simplify life and you will save much time. Carlito up to 20 cigarettes in less than 5 minutes! The high end of the tubeuses electric to make cigarettes. 

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    Discover the new generation of electrical tubing fully automated for tuber 10 cigarettes without doing anything!  This UFO bears the name of cigarette maker machine Golden Rainbow 10+ The only machine to tuber electric tubes. automatic distributor

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    Discover the machine tuber cigarettes Fresh Choice JGT.  This tubing is simply the best machine on the world market!  Perform 20 cigarettes in 2 minutes with a quality of cigarettes industrial. 1 year warranty - Made in the USA

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    Discover the new electric machine for tubing cigarettes, the Zorr Powermatic 3. This electric tubing has a large tank for 30 cigarettes without tobacco. It is currently one of the most efficient machines with its competitors HSPT Golden Rainbow and HWP Revolution. 2 years warranty

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