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  • 2,90 € tax incl.

    Ideal for water battles, magical water bombs landed in France to the delight of the children!  Inflate 37 bombs water in only 18 seconds simply by connecting the base to a water pipe.  100% biodegradable balloon.

  • 1,20 € tax incl.

    Set of 54 plastic cards./ P>

  • 2,50 € tax incl. 25,00 €

    The megaploutos is a straight board game inspired by the casino slot machines.  1 to 5 players, become more affluent, the megaploutos!  A SPi Discount excusivity 100% Made in France

  • 2,50 € tax incl.

    Magic Ring, the new toy of the summer 2018 arrives at discount prices! Also called Flow Ring or Toroflux or Kenetic, this 3d bracelet consists of several rings is already raging in the playgrounds. Toy from 3 years

  • 5,90 € tax incl.

    Rubik's cube triangle or rubik's cube pyramid. The original puzzle. Not suitable for children under 3 years./ P> Dimensions: 9,8cm

  • 1,90 € tax incl.

    78 cards card game with cardboard case. Standard tarot cards at cheap prices. Traditional cards with 21 trumps and excuses.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items