Foam filters 

Discover our full range of foam filters for rolling of cigarettes

The foam filters are composed of fibers of cellulose acetate and charcoal to filter a maximum of tar in tobacco. Some are also biodegradable like the OCB Bio.

Several sizes cigarette filters are available, 8mm (like real cigarettes), 6mm slim or 5.7 mm extra slim. 

The foam filt...

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  • 1,30 € tax incl.

    Bag of 150OCB Slim foam filters. Cellulose acetate filters packaged in a durable bag with zip closure. Make your cigarettes cheaply with 6mm OCB filters. Length 15mm, diameter 6mm./ P>

  • 1,20 € tax incl.

    Bag of 150Rizla foam filtersslim. 100% natural based on cellulose acetate filaments! Theacetate filters Rizla Slim are packaged in a bag with zip closure, convenient to carry and store. Diameter 6mm, length 15mm./ P>

  • 0,90 € tax incl.

    Bag of 120 biodegradable foam filters for rolling cigarettes. These filters are designed to biodegrade rapidly in nature. Max biodegradable filters are made in Europe, without chemicals. Slim diameter 6mm, length 15mm.

  • 1,30 € tax incl.

    Bag of 150 filters OCB Biodegradable pure cellulose and non-bleached.  The bio filters OCB are produced strictly according to all rules of the sustainable development of forests, FSC certified. The packaging is also environmentally friendly with biodegradable ink. Diameter 6mm, length 15mm.

  • 0,75 € tax incl.

    Bag of 120Max foam filtersto roll the cigarettes. Foam filters in cellulose acetate with a diameter of 6mm. Made in Europe

  • 0,85 € tax incl.

    Package of 120 filters in Rizla Ultra Slim stick. The smallest size of filters with a diameter of 5.7mm, the Rizla ultra slim stick filters are easier to transport and store than bag filters. Contains 20 sticks of 6 Rizla foam filters./ P>Diameter 5,7mm, length 13mm.

  • 0,90 € tax incl.

    The OCB brand innovates with the newextra slim OCB stick filters! Packed in a small package, the OCB Extra slim stick filterswill be much easier to transport and store than bag filters. No more filters in the bottom of the bag or pockets!Contains 20 sticks of 6 OCB foam filters./ P>Diameter 5,7mm, length 13mm.

  • 0,80 € tax incl.

    Bag of 150 filters acetates (foam) Sensky for cigarettes to roll, 6mm filter diameter. The foam Sensky filters are unsurpassed quality at an ultra competitive price!

  • 0,80 € tax incl.

    Bag of 150 foam filters Jass acetate to roll cigarettes.  The foam filters Jass sont parfaits pour emprisonner les goudrons et la nicotine présents dans votre tabac à rouler.

  • 0,89 € tax incl.

    Pack of 120 filters for cigarette rolling, foam acetate, 8mm. These filters for cigarette rolling are the cheapest available on SPI-Discount.

  • 19,90 € tax incl.

    Box of 34 bags of 150 acetate foam filters Sensky 6mm for rolling cigarettes. Based on cellulose foam for better filtration of tars.

  • 19,90 € tax incl.

    Box 34 foam filters bags 6mm mark Jass.  The foam filters are composed of cellulose acetate to imprison the tars and nicotine present in your hand-rolling tobacco.  Each packet consists of 150 filters, for a total of 5100 filters!

  • 49,90 € tax incl.

    Box of 50 sachets ofOCB foam filtersSlim 6mm. Each sachet contains 150 OCB cellulose acetate filters. Ideal for a perfect filtration! Length 15mm, Diameter 6mm./ P>

  • 25,90 € tax incl.

    30 packs of 120 roll-in cigarette filters, 8mm acetate foam. These rolling cigarette filters soften inhaled smoke. The Sensky brand is the cheapest on cigarette filters available on SPI-Discount.

  • 16,90 € tax incl.

    Box of 20OCB stick filter packsExtra Slim. Each pack contains 20 sticks of 6 filters. TheOCB stick filtersare practiced to take away and ready to use! Length 13mm, Diameter 5,7mm

  • 13,04 € tax incl. 16,30 €

    Box of 20 packs of 120Rizla Ultra Slim stick filters5.7mm The most convenient format to take everywhere with you. The box of 20 cases contains altogether 2400 filters made in EU, the lowest Rizla filter price on the net!

  • 44,90 € tax incl.

    Box of 50 sachets ofRizla Slim foam filters6mm. Rizla 6mm filters,100% natural based on cellulose acetate fibers. Packaged in a zip lock bag for easy transport. Diameter of a 6mm filter, length 15mm.

  • 18,90 € tax incl.

    Box of 34Max filter bagsin cellulose acetate to roll cigarettes. Each sachet contains 120 foam filters with a diameter of 6mm. Lower the price of filter bags by buying a box! Made in Europe

  • 19,90 € tax incl.

    Box containing 34 bags of biodegradable filters Max./ P>Each bag contains 120 biodegradable filters, making a total of 4080 filters./ P>Natural filters without chemicals.Diameter 6mm slim./ P>

  • 2,90 € tax incl.

    Filter the tars present in the cigarette smoke with the Korona tar filters.Box of24 reusable filters 4 to 6 times. Eliminate up to 80% of the tars!/ P>

  • 1,50 € tax incl.

    Bag of 240 Pay-Pay Slim Foam Filters for Rolling Cigarettes Premium acetate foam filters with a diameter of 6mm Made in Spain

  • 0,90 € tax incl.

    Pack of 120 Pay-Pay cigarette filters. Ecological and biodegradable - Slim diameter: 6mm

Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items