3 x Bra Strap Attachment


Ideal for hiding bra straps or to give a push-up effect.

Sold in sets of 3.

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Reveal your beauty with our Bra Strap Clip!2>

Discover our well-kept secret for an irresistible look! Bra straps slipping off and ruining your outfit are now a problem of the past. Thanks to our innovative Bra Strap Clip, you can now hold your straps in place with style and discretion.

OurThe Bra Suspender Clip is an essential fashion accessory for all women who care about their appearance. It allows you to clip your bra straps together at the back, creating a natural push-up effect while hiding the straps under your clothes. No more straps that slip and ruin your elegant outfit, our clip guarantees perfect support all day long.


  • Designed to fit all bra strap sizes.
  • Easy to use: Simply slide the clip over your bra straps./li>
  • Made with high quality materials for optimal comfort all day long.>
  • Available in a variety of colors to suit your wardrobe.i>

Benefits :

  • Creates a more accentuated neckline for a more attractive silhouette.
  • Ideal for special occasions when you want a flawless appearance.i>
  • Perfect for halter tops, evening dresses and summer outfits.

Never let your bra straps get in the way or ruin your look again. With our Bra Strap Clip, you can finally feel confident and beautiful in all your outfits. Order now and discover the difference a small accessory can make in your daily life!

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3 x Bra Strap Attachment

Ideal for hiding bra straps or to give a push-up effect.

Sold in sets of 3.

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