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Max is a trademark of eliquide for electronic cigarette

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  • 0,75 € tax incl.

    Bag of 120Max foam filtersto roll the cigarettes. Foam filters in cellulose acetate with a diameter of 6mm. Made in Europe

  • 2,47 € tax incl. 2,90 €

    Box 200 tubes biodegradable cigarettes < /.strong >Max. Natural filters without chemicals. The cigarette biodegradable tube is compatible with all tubeuses except slim < /p>

  • 2,10 € tax incl.
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    Discover Max cigarette tubes in box of 300. A very good value for money with a high-end paper and a filter that does not crush, does not heat and remains intact until the end of the cigarette.Make your cigarettes with Max tubes to reduce your budget cigarettes./ Span>Max cigarette tubes are compatible with all tubers./ Span>

  • 19,90 € tax incl.

    Box containing 34 bags of biodegradable filters Max./ P>Each bag contains 120 biodegradable filters, making a total of 4080 filters./ P>Natural filters without chemicals.Diameter 6mm slim./ P>

  • 15,12 € tax incl. 18,90 €

    Box of 34Max filter bagsin cellulose acetate to roll cigarettes. Each sachet contains 120 foam filters with a diameter of 6mm. Lower the price of filter bags by buying a box! Made in Europe

  • 3,50 € tax incl.

    Max cigarette tubes per box of 500. Ideal for making cigarettes at a low price! With a very good value for money, a high-end paper, a filter that does not crash and does not heat until the end of the cigarette.TheMax cigarette tubes are compatible with all tubers.

  • 0,50 € tax incl. 2,50 €

    E-liquid Max 100% European, for the vapoteurs of electronic cigarettes you will find a wide range of tobacco flavors, fruit or gourmet flavors. The e liquid max is made in Europe with food flavors, vegetable Glycerin, propylene glycol and nicotine European. 

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items