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    USB Charger for Electronic Cigarette Battery eGo-T, eGo-C, eGo-w, 510, ... Allows charging 650mAh battery up to 1100mAh. Also compatible with the 510.

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    Spare Clearomizer for electronic cigarette eGo, the clearomizer includes the atomizer + the tank. Also called Stardust it is compatible with all eGo-t, eGo-c, eGo 510, ...

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    Battery. Charger external 3600mAh with USB output for charging mobile phones, tablets or even electronic cigarettes!  This called USB charger PowerBank will allow you to recharge about once and a half and in all circumstances phones Apple notebooks, Samsung, e-cigarette, Drone, MP3 player...  Comes with USB cable

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    Car charger cigarette lighter usb.Do not run out of battery, recharge your electronic cigarette directly on the cigarette lighter of your car./ P>

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    External batteryPower Bank 6000mAhwith 2 USB sockets. Recharge your electronic devices such as SmartPhones, e-cigarettes, MP3 players as well as all USB charging devices./ P> With thisPower Bankyou have the possibility to reload 2 devices at the same time thanks to its double USB.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items