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Because there is nothing worse at night than the buzzing in the ear of a mosquito that only tries to sting you. How many times did one get up in the night by lighting the light to make war on mosquitoes? And when it's not in the bedroom, it's outside, when we enjoy the sweetness of a summer evening with friends, that our dear mosquitoes invade us. Itching and collective scratching starts then !!

Spi-disount therefore offers effective anti-mosquito products for indoor and outdoor use.

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    Snowshoeing electric mosquito repellent powered by 2 AA batteries not supplied. Without toxic and odour, this anti mosquito racket is ruthlessly efficient against mosquitoes and flying insects. Length: 51cm (including sleeve 24cm) width: 21cm

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    Box 8 incense sticks Krishan has Lemongrass, very effective against mosquitoes.

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    Repellent double UV lamp, not craingnez more mosquitoes they will go directly to grill on the double UV lamp. The mosquito repellent most natural, chemical-free, without steam or odour.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items